Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Last week I revisited this drawing....again.  I feel like I’m still learning new things about Corel Painter 12; I’m sure I’ll never learn it all…but I keep trying.
I wanted an overall green hue; however, I did not want to just put a gel layer over top the final art.  Drawing comes easier to me than color most of the time. Anyway, I began to feel like I was over blending and then the line work in my final print felt muted.  I wasn't happy with it, and I didn't want to, yet again, draw over top of the outlines.  Oddly enough, yesterday I was thumbing through some past issues of Corel Painter mags and came across Effects> Focus>Sharpen.  Artist, Helen Chierego, noted that she always finishes up her work with this last step. Go-fig, I think it helped my drawing. 
I’m going to try it with some of my other artwork as well.   

I'm always open to new tips.
Happy Drawing,

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Luanne Marten said...

Hi Anne,
That's something I'll have to try!
I'm working on new palettes and color too! Trying to learn some painting in PS but Painter is so much easier...just crashes too much.