Friday, July 18, 2008


Is there such a thing as enough support from others when you feel like you are falling apart? Have hope and remember that true friends will always stay close by, when they know what you are made of on the inside.

I think this illo represents a lot more about friendship then I had intended. After it was done I took a closer look.

There are those who stay close by your side like the little Doll. She does her best to be comforting and keeps a pulse on the situation. The tiny Mouse may think of himself too small to help, but he remains close to your heart. There are those like the Nurse that have the knowledge and skill to assess the problem which keeps you hopeful that healing will come. The Bunny is genuinely concerned, but with no paws is unable to do anything. Others become Soldiers who protect you when you are most vulnerable and know who to call when action is needed from those from afar who can bring more aid. And then there those who I'd rather not name. They look down from their high place, focus too closely on only the damage, and speak in judgment. Yet, all of them can hold the title of Friend.

Which one are you?

Monday, July 7, 2008


I thought this little girl had a pretty sour attitude. Her perturbed gaze and wrinkled nose will do the trick nicely. She’s all dressed up to treat herself to a night of fun. When suddenly she opens the front door to leave and finds...
The full illustration is on my website; however, the picture might inspire someone to write a different story.
Have fun.