Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Don’t blink! There’s an out of control gang of trouble makers coming your way. Somehow whenever I think of cliques it sounds as if the group is up to no good. I’m in the mood for pumpkin pie…

This is a practice piece so I can learn Painter X. My current portfolio consists of traditional medium of gouache and color pencil on paper. Then I would scan and edit in Photoshop. Years ago I experimented with digital painting and recently decided to have another go at it. I love the brushes in Painter, and how easy it is to open up the images in Photoshop to do more editing. I’m just scratching the surface, but at some point I’ll be able to mimic my traditional style. Or perhaps something better. There are few places on this image that need tweaking but then that's what great about digital.

I hope all of you that were affected by Tropical Storm Fay are finally doing well. I’ve been busy with some water damage in the kitchen. Thank goodness my studio is upstairs. Sorry I’ve been away from my blog. See you all on IF* this Friday.