Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blur *IF

I don't know if the whimsy lettering counts toward the word "blur", but the premise of "confusion" in the letter to Santa Claus lends well to the way that he brings things into focus.

“All I want for Christmas is to nreal how to reab!”

“Can you reab what I reab?”, is an inspirational holiday poem that resonates with struggling readers, teachers and parents alike as it follows one boy’s magical journey into literacy. The poem is published in Reading Today and in the book, Christmas Miracles (St. Martin’s Press). The author, Madeleine M. Kuderick, has also been invited to present a live reading at the International Reading Association’s Southeast Regional Conference: Liberty through Literacy, November 2009.

I too was inspired by Madeleine’s poem and created this illustration to celebrate the event. Sometimes stories like these take on a life of their own, therefore I thought a picture book moment would capture her words nicely. Or perhaps release the words, finally, as would be the Christmas wish of this special boy.

To read more, go to my links to visit Madeleine's website.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Peek at Christmas Card

I've been busy in the last week working on a special Christmas postcard/poster for an event that I'll talk more about later.

The finished Koi pond is now on my webpage if anyone would like to see the final. I had a great time working on it and made some major breakthroughs with Corel Painter to save some time.

I'll post again soon.

Hope you all had a safe Halloween.