Monday, December 22, 2008


Hear the voice nearby?
Her verse reveals her heart.

She sings to the world.
She sings to herself.
She sings to …you.

Hear the voice nearby.

This stanza is from a picture book I wrote and hope to finish the dummy soon. In, WHEN DAYS GET WASHED AWAY, a little Japanese girl is led by a familiar voice down a tranquil path beyond her village, through the woods to where she … well, to reveal anymore would spoil the ending. There are a few other stories as well set in prose for different cultures, however, the voice of the other stories belong to children. In this story I use the voice of wisdom which is traditionally found in Japanese death poetry. Although this is not haiku there are other forms that support my style of writing.

It’s just a sketch, but sometimes the sketches are my favorite.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Rambunctious pretty much describes the family pet from this picture book that I illustrator due to come out Fall 2009, THE WARMEST PLACE OF ALL. You can see more illos on my site. Although I now live in Florida, I can remember plenty of time our dog enthusiastically assisted the kids with their snowman making project while they played in the snow in Ohio. Brrr