Monday, January 7, 2013

Congratulations to DC Sayre & WG Zahner!

Congratulations to DC Sayre & WG Zahner!

Great news this weekend! DARBY PETTY AND THE LOST TREASURE OF THE IVERNI won the 4th Annual 2012 Sundance TRMS Contest for best animation/fantasy.   

You can read more about the Table Read My Screanplay at .  I am so happy for them both and everyone involved.  About a year ago, DC (Doug) asked me to create a drawing of his wonderful character, Darby.  It’s a privilege to have a small glimpse into his story making process.  Most people never really see the struggles behind the scenes that writers and artists go through to bring their visions forward. This tale is so lively and clever; I have to say that Darby has taken on a life of her own.  I think the best stories do that, and I’m excited to see where she may pop up next.  

DC J was also so generous as to use the illustration of Darby to celebrated his success at

Be careful all of you out there.  Darby may "steal" a place in your heart as well.
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