Thursday, February 11, 2010


I felt like the previous farm animal illo was a little muddy. I know this isn’t a useful word for muddy, sorry, yet the term “muddy color” has been bothering me. So I decided to rework an old drawing to brighten up the palette and add a bit more texture with the chalk tool. I still want more from my illos so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.


k.h.whitaker said...

I love this one, I liked it before also, didn't think it was muddy at all

Jessie said...

Oooo scary picture, excellent illustration!xx

Tom Barrett said...

While they both look good, you seem to have lost some of the energy from the previous version. I like the eyes without the iris's being so obvious; looks more natural. And having the animals looking in different directions adds to the energy. Definitely keep the cat looking at the mouse. The duck's expression in the previous version is better, he seems more determined and in control (driving). Now he looks like he has something in his eye. The cow's wide open eye in the previous version shows a more distressed cow. And the duck's curled "toes" are a nice touch.
I do, however, like the mouse in the new version, as he seems more detailed.

All in all, the previous version is much stronger. And besides, they're farm animals; they're supposed to be dirty! : )

Anne Jewett said...

Appreciate the comments.
I'm looking forward to nailing down a process with ditgial painting.

Hope everyone is having a positive start to the Year.

Happy Drawing,

Shirley said...

Anne - Such a treat to have a visit by you. I hear you - when I read the word muddy, I immediately thought of my colors...(I am never quite satisfied with them). I admire you for bringing back an "old" illustration and reworking it so that you are happy with it. Your previous post about the Christmas pageant was fascinating..what an amazing end-result and those kids look so happy with your work in front of them. The entire set looked fantastic. I'll be back as soon as I can - hope i can get the site up soon. : )

Chris Gipple said...

Hey this is super cool! Keep it up.

Check out my art :)