Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Is it possible to shift gears and start creating my artwork digitally after everything I’ve put into my traditional artwork?

I started off this piece on paper, gouache, and color pencils like usual, but it wasn’t the image in my head. The theme for the image is “Many Voices”. How appropriate because the voice in my head kept telling me that the picture was all wrong. I abandoned the paper, turned to the dark ominous screen on my desk, and wondered if the image needed another path. I scanned the rough sketch and began to practice different brushes in Painter, a computer art program. It would only be my second attempt to complete a picture this way. Would I run out of time before the deadline? After several redoes it has come to this. The warm sepia undertones provided the foundation, waves of color kept me guessing, and a little mouse with a shushing finger to his mouth told me it was alright for the many voices to stop.


Adrian said...

Beautiful Anne. I can't believe that that was one of your first efforts with digital art. It really suits your style! :)

Caroline said...

How clever of you to create this beautiful illustration! It does indeed suit your style!

Anne Jewett said...

I spent a lot of time watching demos on-line and talking with other artist. I started this illo several times while painting on layers and made a ton of mistakes. I finally started things over in the right order of layers and came up with this. I was insane to tackle a new technique on a sketch with this much detail, but I finished in time for the deadline. I figure that I don’t have the master the whole program at first, just the brushes I need. Though I look forward to learning more.

Glad yo like it.

Roberta said...

Those demos really have taught me a lot as well! I like the Dani Draws tutorials. She's so gifted!

I usually put down a layer of sienna to work on too! It make me feel like I'm painting with the traditional techniques that I'm most familiar with.
Sometimes if I want some thing to stand put from the background or vice versa I erase the sienna from that area and it gives it definition.

Wow... you are talented!

Michelle said...

this turned out beautifully! Do you find it easier to go digital having the expertise of traditional art behind you? You're doing a great job with the transition!